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The International Financial Advisers Directory provides the link between clients and experienced, credible advice. This is the place users come to in order to get in contact with an adviser capable of meeting their criteria. The way people are seeking financial advice is changing and evolving, and the International Financial Advisers Directory is spearheading the revolution. If you are an international financial adviser looking for inclusion in the Directory, browse the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact a member of our team directly.

What does this website do?

Our aim is to make it quick and easy for our large user-base to be able to source good financial advice. We promote credible advisers on our site and place them in front of a captive audience actively seeking the services they are able to provide.

The site allows questions to be directed at members for direct interaction with prospective clients, while also empowering the listed advisers by enabling them to post content, video uploads and articles to their profile page in order to exhibit the level of their expertise.

Current and former clients are also encouraged to leave verifiable reviews in order to help with each individual adviser’s ranking on the directory, so the more satisfied clients you have, the better.

How much traffic does the International Financial Advisers Directory attract?

As the only global directory of its kind in the world, this website attracts thousands of expats and international workers looking for information and advice on their finances. As of March 2015 we average 8,000 hits per month, but as a completely new website, we expect this to grow at an exceptional rate due to our search engine ranking and the huge demand for the service we provide. As more advisers sign up for membership, more users will be attracted to the site and we will continue to grow.

How do I become a member and get listed?

It couldn’t be any easier to become a member for an adviser. Simply go to our GET LISTED page and select your membership option from Featured, Professional and Basic. Once you have done this, follow the simple instructions to complete your membership. You can log in to your profile to update and edit your listing. Once you have been verified by our admin team, your account will go live and you will be a member of the only global financial directory.

How is the International Financial Advisers Directory different from any other financial advice listings?

There aren’t any other INTERNATIONAL directories connecting expatriates and international workers with financial advice in their location. We are one of a kind. We also ensure that all of our members rank on the first page of google and that we are able to generate the level of traffic that guarantees a captive audience to all of our members. Our unique search engine allows the right advice to be very quickly placed in front of the right potential client.

We also allow our members to publish their own blogs and content on their profile page in order to promote their expertise. Content is king when it comes to self-promotion and we provide the platform to actually have insightful advice and content read by an extended audience.

Lastly, we allow all users to leave reviews of any financial advisers they have worked with previously. Our website is 100% transparent, and as such it is a trusted tool for anybody looking to seek advice.

What articles should I write?

Remember the main objective for any financial adviser is to add value. If you can inform and educate about subjects the reader cares about or has an interest in, you will go a long way to attracting business. Try writing about local financial issues or topics which are relevant, this could galvanise people’s interest and prompt them into getting in touch. If you publish articles regularly you will improve your ranking and increase exposure.

Why are client reviews so important?

Research suggests that over 70% of consumers read reviews before committing to purchasing a product or engaging a service. A perfect example of just how powerful reviews are to the decision-making process is TripAdvisor. This website is in the top 100 most visited websites in the world, and the moment a review appears, hotel or restaurant managers across the world are scrambling to see the nature of the review, and will instantly respond to either gratefully accept praise or attempt an exercise in damage control.

Online reviews are integral to reputation and success. The more reviews received, the higher an individual’s ranking in search results, and the more potential clients will be driven towards your profile page.

What if I receive a negative review?

You have the power to choose whether to publish the reviews you receive. Encourage all old clients and existing ones to each give you a review to ensure your overall ranking is as high as it can be.

How do I login to my account?

Go to the Member Login tab at the top of the home page, and enter your email address and password. You will then be taken to your own personal dashboard where you will be able to see all account activity and interactions, and publish any articles or promotional content you wish, as well as update and edit your personal profile page.

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

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