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Clients - FAQs

Do you need the help of a trusted international financial adviser in your part of the world? We provide the link to the expertise you require. If you’re unsure exactly how the International Financial Adviser Directory works, browse the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact a member of our team who will be in touch.

What is the objective of this directory?

Our purpose is to allow the huge number of international workers and expatriates across the globe to be able to source expert, trusted financial advice quickly and simply, for free. We list international financial advisers from all over the world, and allow their former and existing clients to rate their services and provide honest reviews to give you an insight into what they can expect from each individual. We also allow you to directly contact advisers via the website to ask any questions.

Our unique search engine allows you to streamline your search based on where you are, and the nature of the advice you require. We realise it can be hard to locate an adviser you feel meets your criteria in terms of expertise and experience. This Directory aims to make sure every visitor is 100% confident they have the right adviser before they arrange to meet with them.

What services does the International Financial Adviser Directory actually offer?

If you are seeking the services of an international financial adviser, simply select the criteria including what you need (independent or restricted advice), which area of finance you are most in need of guidance regarding, and finally your location, and we will automatically provide a listing of all available advisers meeting the criteria.

You can browse the list and look at each individual’s bio, summary and any content they may have uploaded. You can also see how many reviews they have received, and whether or not they are all positive. You may also directly contact as many of the advisers as you wish to in order to ascertain the level of their expertise in comparison to the level you require.

If you have previously used an adviser that appears on the directory, please take the time out to provide a review in order to help fellow users decide who is best for them.

What does this service cost?

Nothing. You can message an adviser for free, and they won’t charge you for a response. If you decide to meet with them and agree to work with them moving forward, it is up to you to agree a charge agreement directly with the adviser. There are NO hidden costs from our side whatsoever.

When will I be able to speak with my chosen adviser?

If you have sent a direct message to a featured adviser, they should respond within 24 hours. We send them a direct notification to inform them that they have been contacted. As a general rule we would say the faster the response, the more efficient the adviser.

Once you have established contact and the adviser has exhibited a level of knowledge and expertise that meets your expectations, you can arrange to meet them for a consultation in order to see if you wish to work with them. There is no obligation to you during this entire process.

Who are these listed advisers?

We list every credible financial adviser internationally, with a reputation that we feel is deserved of inclusion within the Directory. Our aim is to filter out the very best and make sure they are the ones listed.

None of the advisers are affiliated with the International Financial Adviser Directory website in any way, and we have no interest or agreements in place with any individuals we list. All reviews are 100% genuine, and it is these reviews which determine how each adviser is ranked.

How do I know the financial adviser has the necessary experience?

You can judge this in a number of ways. By reading their client reviews, by studying their personal profile page and reading any article or watching any video content they may have posted, and lastly by getting in touch with them directly via the website to ask questions.

What happens once I choose to engage the services of an adviser?

If you have met with an adviser, they will usually present with a variety of solutions they feel will meet your financial goals. If you are keen to utilise the services and solutions they have provided, you will enter into a written agreement with them. Only when you are happy with what they have to offer should you sign anything.

Is my information kept secure?

All private information sent between you and an adviser is of course completely confidential. If you write a review for one of the advisers, we will ask for some information in order to verify the review. Once it has been verified, your name will appear next to it.

Is it quick and simple or am I going to be here for hours?

It really is instant. One of our core principles relates to the need for advice and information at the touch of a button. We constantly review our user interface to ensure that it is as efficient as it can be.

Is the International Financial Advisers Directory owned by a financial advisory firm?

No. We are in no way affiliated or owned by any financial advisory. Our only interest is in connecting the right advisers to our users.